Rejuvenation Medicine

What I’ve found is that many healthcare professionals are frustrated or feeling stuck in their job. They’re worried they’re going to burn out, and bring their frustrations into their home and relationships; they don’t know what to do, they need to work and they have invested a lot into becoming highly trained professions.

What they really want is to use their skills and the bring their best self to their patients and their home life everyday, so they keep going back and doing the same thing day after day hoping things will change.

But the real problem is they know they things aren’t going to change where they are, they feel unfulfilled and working on a different unit or floor isn’t going to change that. Our job is to help you transform your career and your life, to help nurses and physicians be successful while doing what they love doing. ATIMA teaches you to pivot and thrive.

We are currently taking names for our waiting list for our next course. Please text or call with your name, professional designation and how best to reach you.


Rejuvenation Medicine

Our program offers students comprehensive education in rejuvenation medicine, the largest growing specialty in healthcare. Education is delivered by an internationally renowned Nurse Practitioner, expert injector, skilled in advanced education instruction & expert in Restoration and Rejuvenation Medicine.  One of the first recognised education platforms for Rejuvenation Medicine in Canada, we have worked with regulatory bodies and associations Nationally and Internationally in the development of Regulator policies for licenced practice. Students receive advanced knowledge of face and neck anatomy, neuromodulators, dermal fillers, the science, medicine and art of beauty, neuromodulation and dermal fillers in Aesthetic medicine, complications in Aesthetic Medicine, and hands on injection practice in the clinical setting.

Our Graduates

Graduates will leave with an thorough understanding of neuromodulators and dermal fillers, the latest techniques in rejuvenation & aesthetic medicine, the skills & competence to provide assessment, consultation and treatment for patients seeking rejuvenation, restoration and beautification treatments, and an enhanced set of marketable skills for the fastest growing section of healthcare services. Successful graduates receive certification from the Atlantic Training Institute for Medical Aesthetics with National and International Regulatory body recognised competencies for practice.

Fastest Growing Healthcare Specialty

In as little as 8 weeks you can pivot your valuable healthcare skills by into a thriving practice on the cutting edge of fastest-growing specialty in medicine.

Avoid the healthcare ‘sickcare’ funnel and use your skills in a healthy system and a healthy environment.

You can create the future you want in healthcare while loving what you do and where you do it.


Shift Your Focus

You can avoid the inevitable burnout of the “sickcare system” by shifting career focus to 1 or 2 simple and lucrative opportunities that keep you and your patients OUT of the hospital.

Work-Life Balance

The fastest path for healthcare professionals to achieve work-life balance AND financial freedom is actually OUTSIDE the bureaucracy of the 'sickcare' system.


Pivot & Thrive

We are currently taking names for our waiting list for our next course. Please text or call with your name, professional designation and how best to reach you.


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