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Rediscover your vision of helping others and build a life you love without having to completely change careers

As nurses we are highly trained, resourceful and in constant service to others. There is nothing we can’t accomplish. Yet, along the way inside the “sick-care” system our focus on wellness has been replaced by illness and chronic disease management, leaving us feeling depleted and overwhelmed. There is a better way. I’ve compiled a list of just some of the business opportunities in the current booming market that can take you from being headed for burnout to loving what you do.

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Break free from the exhaustion of working in the “sick-care” system and unlock your true potential by utilizing your current skills to create a thriving, patient-focused, healthcare business you love

Hi, I’m Deborah Hart

I’ve been in nursing and healthcare for more than 30 years and have worked within both hospital and clinic healthcare systems, as well as with the nursing education systems and Departments of Health, and I’ve experienced first hand the ins and outs of the “sick-care” system and its effects on healthcare professionals. I made a way to step outside of that system and became the first nurse practitioner in Atlantic Canada to own and operate an independent NP clinic, creating a thriving wellness business that I love. It’s now my mission to help other healthcare professionals do the same.

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